The 2020 Automotive Aluminum Alloy Annual Development Report Is Officially Released


Aluminum alloy can be said to be the most influential material in automobile lightweighting, and it is also the first choice material to replace traditional steel for automobile manufacturing. In recent years, with the development of automotive aluminum alloy materials and application technology, the development of a series of high-performance new materials such as super strong aluminum alloys, superplastic aluminum alloys, high temperature resistant aluminum alloys, and aluminum foams has also continuously promoted the development of aluminum alloy materials in Application process on the car. At the same time, the development and maturity of technologies such as differential pressure casting, high vacuum high pressure casting, semi-solid molding, and thermoforming have also continuously opened up the application of aluminum alloys in automobiles. In addition, the rapid development of domestic new energy vehicles has greatly promoted the industrialization of domestic aluminum alloys in automobiles, and all-aluminum bodywork has been implemented in batches. For example, NIO ES8 (all-aluminum body model with sheet metal structure); Geely Englon TX and QIANTU K50 (all-aluminum body model with frame structure).


Based on this, the China Automaterial Website and the Autolightweight Online Research Team sorted out the aluminum alloy technology progress, the latest application cases, etc. through industry surveys, and aimed at application needs, bringing together a large number of application cases and statistical data. "The 2020 Automotive Aluminum Alloy Annual Development Report Is Officially Released" is officially released.


High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Products Are Gradually Becoming Rich

英国BCAST公司与肯联铝业合作,采用新的熔融直接冷却(MC-DC)铸造工艺,开发了晶体颗粒更细、材料强度更高的铝合金产品。诺贝丽斯研发Advanz™ 6HS-s650高强度车身面板用铝合金,强度提升15%-25%,且产品可回收。俄罗斯科学家将铝熔体与镍和镧混合,开发了粉末增强型铝合金复合材料。

BCAST cooperated with Constellium to develop an aluminum alloy product with finer crystal particles and higher material strength by adopting a new casting process named MC-DC. Novelis has developed Advanz ™ 6HS-s650, an aluminum alloy for high-strength body panels. The strength has been increased by 15% -25%, and the product is recyclable. Russian scientists have mixed aluminum melts with nickel and lanthanum to develop powder-reinforced aluminum alloy composites.


Application Technology Of Recycled Aluminum Has Been Developed


Using high-tech equipment such as sensors to classify, melt and reuse recycled aluminum, Jaguar Land Rover has implemented the application of recycled aluminum on I-PACE prototypes and XE models. Among them, the Jaguar XE body panel uses RC5754 aluminum alloy containing up to 75% recycled aluminum.


New Expansion Of Aluminum Alloy Applications

· 铝合金减震器座:众泰汽车开发了某大型的高压铸造铝合金减震器座,采用SPR连接,在实现轻量化的同时显著提升部件刚性。

· Aluminum alloy shock absorber seat: Zotye Automobile has developed a high-pressure cast aluminum alloy shock absorber seat for a large SUV. It uses SPR connection to significantly reduce component rigidity while achieving light weight.


· 铝合金发盖:众泰汽车采用可热处理强化的铝合金材料开发了一款大型SUV的发盖,采用SPR连接,实现减重42.2%。

· Aluminum alloy hood: Zotye Automobile has developed a large SUV hood using heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloy material, which uses SPR connection and achieves a weight reduction of 42.2%.


· SiC/A铝刹车盘:瑞典Floby公司推出一款碳化硅颗粒增强的铝刹车盘SiC/A light,比铸铁盘轻30-50%,且易回收、耐腐蚀性好。

· SiC / A aluminum brake disc: Floby introduced a brake disc, which is made of silicon carbide particles reinforced aluminum material, called SiC / A light. It is 30-50% lighter than cast iron discs, and is easy to recycle. Good corrosion resistance.


· 铝合金车轮:力拓采用合金Revolution-Al开发了一款车轮,重量减轻7%,强度提升15%-20%。

· Aluminum alloy wheels: Rio Tinto has developed a wheel that uses the new high-strength 3 Series aluminum alloy Revolution-Al, which reduces weight by 7% and increases strength by 15% -20%.


· 铝合金电池罩:韩国生产技术研究院采用摩擦搅拌工艺制造一款蓄电池罩,与钢制电池罩相比,重量从300kg减至100kg。

· Aluminum alloy battery cover: The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology uses a friction stir welding process to manufacture a battery cover. Compared with a steel battery cover, the weight is reduced from 300kg to 100kg.


· 铝基复合材料转子:Alvant采用陶瓷增强的铝基复合材料(AMC)开发一款轴向磁通电动机(AFM)转子,实现减重40%,且可显着提高转子功率和惯性比。

· Aluminum-based composite rotor: Alvant uses ceramic-reinforced aluminum composite (AMC) to develop an axial flux motor (AFM) that achieves a 40% weight reduction and can significantly increase the rotor power and inertia ratio.



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